Internet Solutions

Do your employees get frustrated when the internet slows down and they can’t be productive?

Are you frustrated with quality of your Internet service? Is your business using more web-based services that your business depends on? TechNoir Solutions can help your business ensure you have access to critical services.

Optical fiber around the world

High Speed Internet Access

Finding the best price for Internet access and managing the process of getting service installed is never fun and can be time consuming, however TechNoir Solutions can manage the entire project from bid to turn up.  This valuable service allows your team to focus on your business, while getting the best Op Ex expense.

The engineers at TechNoir have the experience to design and implement rocket fast connectivity for your business, whether you need business class cable or a 1 Gigabit fiber circuit, TechNoir builds solutions for the best possible speeds with the lowest possible frustration.  Bringing over 10 years of experience in data circuit implementation and network design, our team is extremely efficient and delivers the best outcomes for your business.

TechNoir is a broker for 20+ of the nations top Internet service providers, like ACC, Level 3, Cogent and Windstream. This ability allows us to get our clients the most competitive rates on Internet access. TechNoir manages the whole process of getting your site connected to the internet, from bid to procurement to project management to deployment of data circuits.

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Telecom Implementationtelecom internet

TechNoir has experience in optimizing telecom services for local, long distance, wireless, data and equipment needs. We specialize in project management of everything from the layout of data ports on floor plans to the acquisition and deployment of phones and computers. Our goal is to streamline and optimize the operations of telecommunications services.

Our years of experience in telecom cost reduction and implementation results in excellent service, delivery and support for our clients