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5 Technology Challenges for Growing Businesses

Your business is growing, and so is your team. That’s great news! However, tasks that were once manageable at a small scale must once again come into the conversation. Technology challenges that were once non-existent with your team of 5-10 are sure to come up as you reach a team of 25, 40, or 50.

Challenge 1: Cyber Security

Small, growing businesses can easily be the target of cyber attacks. With less technology defenses in place, they become susceptible to a variety of threats. Threats the business don’t consider: phishing attacks, malware attacks, ransomware, password hacking, and insider threats.

Solution: A study done by the Ponemon Institute stated that 62% of surveyed employees said they had access to company data that they probably didn’t need. Combat the chances of a cyber attack by putting the right defenses in place, and educating your team on cyber safety. Ensure your business has things like

  • a strong email gateway
  • web security
  • password management
  • multi-factor authentication
  • file access restrictions

Challenge 2: Compliance of Regulations

As businesses expand and start to serve more sophisticated clients, there are government regulations that must be followed to avoid fines and other repercussions.

Solution: You might recognize the acronyms like HIPAA, EFTA, GDPR – and they are important to fully understand in order to comply. Partnering with a security professional can help you fully understand the technical language, translating it into something you can put into practice for your business.

Challenge 3: Technology Choices + Management

As more employees come on board, there is a greater need for a network of technology to come together for your company. This brings up questions like: which computers to choose, who is in charge of managing them, what hardware do I use, what processes need to be set up, and more.

Solution: It is important to take these decisions seriously, as they will impact your business long-term if set up correctly. Ask yourself, how does my company’s core values impact my technology choices? Think about what will help you execute effectively while also integrating with processes you already have implemented. Begin by evaluating your current technological set up, develop a timeline and budget for execution. Determine your priorities, and the goals you need technology to help you accomplish. Lastly, when finding the “perfect” piece of tech, understand what training or guidance you and your team will need to make it useful.

Challenge 4: Mobile Device Management

Employees crave flexibility, so having the option for remote work will become more and more necessary as you scale your business.

Solution: Implementing virtual collaboration tools and remote access will bring productivity anywhere beyond the office. There are different options for setting up a remote workplace, which differ in terms of security, ease-of-use, ease-of-setup, and cost. You may choose to have remote desktop access, a Virtual Private Network, or a cloud computing network. Don’t forget to take into account all technology needs for remote work, like phone systems, communication tools, and file sharing.

Challenge 5: IT Policies

Embracing technology and making significant changes can challenge your team without clear instruction throughout the transition.

Solution: Implementing IT policies early on in order to set standards and expectations for employees when it comes to the use of corporate technology. Your policies will depend on your company structure and makeup. Take the steps to write and define policies and educate employees on topics that cover: password requirements, levels of access, confidentiality, and more. Be mindful too on processes for new employee onboarding, technical support, and setting up employee permissions.

If these challenges all seem too much, hiring a Managed Service Provider will have your business on the right track from the beginning. Tech Noir Solutions ensures your business technology challenges are not only solved, but optimized in the best possible way.