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Our Story.....

In 1998, when I was brought on board as CIO of The John Marshall Law School, the school only had three IT employees and the school’s servers were housed in an elevator closet; essentially my task was to take a crude IT framework and turn it into an advanced technology infrastructure.

Over the course of 15 years, I had seen the use of “modem pools” for student computer labs (which allowed students to do embryonic online legal research); I saw a dribble of students using laptops in the late 90’s (which quickly became a flood); installing the first wireless network at any Chicago law school, the rise of distance education and finally cloud based email systems.

One of my primary responsibilities was to develop and implement a strategic vision for the future of IT for the institution. To do so, I worked closely with internal and external stakeholders to create a realistic agenda that helped guide all parties in making solid IT decisions.  It is through collaborative teamwork and collegial relationships, that allowed me to coordinate the strategic integration of traditional education with new and emerging information resources/systems.

I had a goal of providing vision, planning and operational leadership to deliver a highly functioning and forward-looking IT environment. As CIO, I ensured that the Applications, Client Services and Operations teams delivered innovative solutions that met customer needs with respect to functionality, performance, scalability, reliability, and budget (all of which adhered to the institution’s goals and principles).

At some point, I decided that my work was complete and the technology at the law school was in a much better place than when I joined. I had made the decision to move on.

I founded TechNoir CIO Solutions, to provide a full spectrum of IT services from C-level guidance to full “virtual IT staff” support and troubleshooting of technology for businesses. When I founded the company, the mission was to be a technology advocate, a “technology fiduciary” who works in the best interests of our clients. This is still our mission.

As founder of TechNoir CIO Solutions, I am a technology executive who brings almost three decades of senior technology leadership to TechNoir CIO Solutions, making it one of the top technology partners for businesses nationwide.

– James Velco

Fun Fact: The name, TechNoir, comes from the 1984 movie “The Terminator”.  TechNoir was the nightclub where the Terminator first locates Sarah Connor.