Fast internet is to coworking, like coffee is to Starbucks.

Internet.  Without it, who would be a member of your coworking community? 

Yes, your amenities are wonderful.  The design is outstanding and you have the perfect location.

But you have cable modem internet service that is barely reliable. The funny thing is, the coffee shop down the street is packed with people working on laptops. 

It’s no coincidence. 

TechNoir Chicago Coworking Technology Support

Managed IT for Coworking

Since 2013, TechNoir Solutions builds, manages and maintains technology infrastructure for a variety of coworking operators, from 5000 sq ft, local, neighborhood centers to nationwide, multi-story operators. Due to our deep industry knowledge, we are able to consult with our clients on many facets of coworking operations that touch technology.  

In addition, TechNoir’s Help Desk provides coworking operators who struggle to provide members with technical support. Our Help Desk provides immediate remote access support to help your members keep working.  In addition, when there is an issue that cannot be resolved via remote access, TechNoir can dispatch techs, onsite, anywhere in the nation. 


From buyers and sellers, mortgage brokers and title companies to developers and property managers, the real estate industry relies heavily on technology to operate successfully in this dynamic and competitive field. Whether it’s Yardi, IDX, MLS, or your CRM, we are experts in the tools you rely on to power your business. TechNoir’s team works with your team to help navigate day-to-day  technical problems, while providing strategic guidance and business planning.  Support services include:

  • Unlimited Remote & On-Site IT Support
  • Nationwide, Local Tech Support
  • Proactive Maintenance Included
  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Everything included, not hidden fees or upcharges
"We turned to TechNoir Solutions nearly 3 years ago to take advantage of their deep expertise in coworking/creative office technology.This guidance has helped us grow from one location to four locations within 18 months and they have given us confidence to scale. As any operator knows, getting past the first location is a challenge and TechNoir was an instrumental part of the process.
John Wallace

Scalability and futureproofing are necessary for successful technology planning on a wholistic scale in today’s building environment. Mixing data, operations, security, and facilities management requires an experienced team of technologists that understand construction management.

By converting engineering design into technological terms, our team excels at crafting enterprise systems for CRE. Our project management methodology has been refined over years to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. 

Years of experience in cost reduction, implementation and consulting, results in excellent service, delivery, and support for our clients. Our consultants have a deep understanding of developing comprehensive IT strategies and governance models, designing roadmaps for future IT architecture to ensure scalability and perform IT capability-gap analyses to reduce delays in service delivery.

TechNoir Solutions partners with developers and property managers to help: 

  • Develop technology budgeting
  • Manage tech installations and sub-contractors
  • Recommend and deploy Proptech

All these strategies reduce the overall spend on tech and result in more reliable, predictable technology.

Yes! TechNoir’s technicians can assist with designing, configuring and installing anything that needs to be connected to your network.  

Depending on your objectives, we can work on a per-project project basis or partner and work as a part of your team, on a on-going basis.

Our teams have extensive experience with CRE and have our own project management team that is familiar with progressive billing. 

Contact us to discuss your goals and how we can help you meet them.

TechNoir has worked with coworking, commercial real estate and multi family developers of all sizes, including single location companies and national provider with over 40 buildings across the country. We support over 2000+ end users across all of our coworking and real estate clients.

The earlier you leverage TechNoir’s CIO’s the better. We’ll help with everything from underwriting the technology budget and drafting the network architecture for a new development to designing the WiFi to perform its best in a renovating building.

Whatever your needs, we have the resources and experience required to provide your tenants with a seamless technology experience. 

Of course! TechNoir can assist tenants with provisioning their own networks apart from the services you provide.

TechNoir provides excellent value by staffing a team of low-voltage wiring and access control professionals in-house. 

That means that you’ll work with a single TechNoir CIO to manage and implement your project. Say good-bye to missed delivery dates. 

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