Your law firm deserves quick, professional and reliable IT support.

Does your law firm have the time to wait for a tech to respond to your support request?

We understand that legal professionals have a finite resource of time. 

Billable hours tend to work better when your computer works. 

Our focus on proactive support ensures business continuity.

TechNoir has a long history working the legal field and understands the importance and urgency in getting a brief prepared.

The stress and anxiety of completing a brief doesn’t need to be amplified by technology issues. 

Many tech companies will talk about their teams and the software solutions they sell, however at the end of the day none of that matters if you are constantly frustrated with poor support.

Our number one goal is to ensure our clients get fast, responsive support, the first time they call. 

TechNoir Solutions is the fastest growing outsourced IT management and support team for lawyers in the Chicago Loop and suburbs.

"I’d worked with TechNoir Solutions at a previous organization, where they worked as our IT company. Additionally, they were referred to us by a few individuals close to our firm. They recommended TechNoir Solutions as a reputable team to work with as far as technology."
Michael- Director of Technology
Nisen & Elliott, LLC

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Why should I consider outsourced IT support?

Outsourced IT support is rapidly becoming the de facto standard for law firm IT support. 

The value proposition makes outsourcing hard to dismiss.  Consider the following:

  • A fully staffed Help Desk requires hiring the right talent and investing in the proper technology.
  • Tech staff require  constant training and expertise to ensure they can quickly address urgent issues.
  • Even in-house IT teams need to outsource for talent gaps for specialized project work.

TechNoir has the ability to support hundreds of end users, the engineers to build and design your systems and the C-level business acumen that can drive strategic planning and budgeting.  

Learn more about the value MSPs provide law firms here.

What technology services does TechNoir provide to law firms?

TechNoir’s experienced engineers design highly secure, highly redundant networks that just work.  In addition to networks, TechNoir’s team implements secure collaboration tools that create efficiencies for the new WFH environment; they tackle technology projects and create efficiencies for better outcomes.  Your team will work with the best team in the business, allowing the professionals at your firm to be able to focus on billing, client service and productivity.

  • Cyber Security/ Actively Managed Security Solutions
  • Document Management
  • Collaboration Tools
  • E-Discovery
  • v-CIO Consulting
  • Co-Managed Staffing
  • Network, Server, and Wireless Internet
  • Virtual Desktops and Servers
  • Backup, Redundancy and Business Continuity.
  • Cloud Computing
  • Remote Access/Secure VPN

Every client gets endpoint protection (anti-virus software), 24×7 managed ransomware detection and response, remote management software, and remote access support.

What is included in TechNoir's support plan?

Everything you need to outsource IT support is included. We manage your network, servers, email, backup, security, and provide unlimited support to your users. We also handle all your purchasing, vendor management, and provide monthly reports. TechNoir is capable of supporting most major legal software systems such as Worldox, Net Documents, Clio, Lexis, Fastcase and more. 

Does the support include hardware and software?

TechNoir understands a law firm is only as good as its ability to provide confidentiality to its clients while navigating strict industry regulations.

Our engineers can help you securely store data based on any major compliance standard that your team may use (NIST, ABA Model, HIPAA, etc).

Okay, so what isn't included?

Projects are not included. A project is a significant change in your IT environment. Think “add, change, move” like moving your office, or installing a new server or firewall. Projects are quoted and approved separately.

How much does this cost?

Pricing is dependant on the range of services you need, however the foundation of the cost is based on the number of users, computers, servers, network equipment and locations served. 

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