Security Statistics

  • $170,404
  • average ransomware payout by SMBs
  • 21
  • days of downtime on average following successful attack
  • 80%
  • of security incidents caused by internal employees via email

Prevent Attacks 365 Days a Year

  • Detect & detain potential attacks in real-time
  • Monitor the dark web for leaked credentials
  • Prevent risky behavior & accidents caused by employees
  • Guard against "Work From Home" attacks
  • Weed out shady emails before they hit the inbox
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Real-Time Threat Mitigation

The moment our systems detects suspicious activity, one of our around-the-clock security engineers isolates and investigates the anomaly before it causes damage.


24/7 Peace of Mind

Our security package adds several layers that make attempting to break into your company more trouble than it's worth.


Customizable to Your Needs

No two companies are exactly alike. With our security packages starting at $25/month/user, we'll only install what you need to prevent an attack.


Prevent Ransomware

Ransomware gangs take on companies of all sizes. When they infiltrate successfully, they know exactly how much you can afford to pay. Taking security seriously is the best insurance policy money can buy.

Managed Cybersecurity Service
Frequently Asked Questions

Installation, management and monitoring of a suite of cybersecurity tools is included. The service is designed to prevent cyber attacks and includes response to potential attacks/anomalous behavior.

Projects, helpdesk support, and labor for anything not related to the management of the cybersecurity service is not included.

Most hackers seek “low-hanging fruit” – they target companies that do not have any layers of security installed.

We train your team to practice safe cyber-hygiene, notify you when hackers discuss your company on the Dark Web, and prevent brute force hacking with software. Combining multiple layers of protection makes targeting your company not worth the trouble.

In worst case scenarios, the system detects anomalous behavior and isolates the potential threat. It then assigns a dedicated 24/7 security engineer to investigate.

The engineer responds to the threat accordingly and advises our team and yours to continue mitigating damage.

Cybersecurity packages are customized to each client based on their current set-up and infrastructure. 

Cybersecurity packages are our most cost-effective service.

Your team is responsible for running the tool for user awareness training, where you’ll use one of the tools we provide to create fake phishing campaigns to identify your riskiest employees.

Additionally, you’re responsible for changing passwords and implementing a password policy should dark web scanning reports notify you of any credentials being leaked/sold on the Dark Web.

Other than that, the service will run largely in the background and we’ll handle active threats should they arise.

TechNoir provides training for any tools operated by the client.

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