Helpdesk Statistics

  • 4.5 Average response time, in minutes
  • 40 Tickets resolved same day
  • 10 Chicago-based engineers/hundreds nationwide

One Price, Only What You Need

  • Affordable entry-level IT support
  • Helpdesk support for your employees
  • Cybersecurity monitored 24/7/365
  • Assistance with project planning
  • Flat, predictable monthly cost

Why choose TechNoir for IT Support?


Rapid Helpdesk Support

Downtime from tech issues hurts your bottom line and reputation. Our technicians will get your team back up and running quickly after receiving your call or email.


Serious Security

A successful ransomware attack can wipe out your company. We'll build a long-term strategy with layers of security to prevent that happening


Poise for Growth

Your team won't be held up because you can't afford an in-house IT person. We'll give your small business exactly what it needs to keep technology from holding up your operations.


Technology Planning Sessions

Our account managers will help you keep an inventory of your technology while helping you forecast and budget for future projects. You'll have plenty of time to focus on growing your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your team will have access to our Helpdesk and preventative cybersecurity.

Additionally, we’ll help you build an inventory of equipment and advise on future problems/projects. Software for cybersecurity is included.

Projects that are discovered as a result of a helpdesk ticket are not included. TechNika clients have access to discount rates and an inventory build, where we’ll unearth potential issues before they happen so you can plan ahead. Hardware and software that needs to be purchased as a result is not included.

Small business packages start at $65/user/month which gives every covered employee 1 helpdesk ticket per month (additional available at a discounted rate), and a suite of cybersecurity licenses.

Additional needs such as email archiving or password management can be implemented for an additional rate following discussion with our team.

If your company has 20 employees or less, you qualify for TechNika. If you have greater needs than most companies of your size we may advise upgrading your service

Companies that exceed 20 employees will be transitioned to the All-Inclusive Fully Managed service. Our team will create a plan for a transition well-ahead of time.

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