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Your West Loop Law Firm Requires Prompt & Professional IT Support.


Your Firm’s Trusted IT Partner

We Understand Law Firms

We understand all the nuances for law firm IT, like case management, time and billing, and the need for prompt, professional support.

We specialize in Legal IT Support.

You Can Count On Us

Prompt, professional service is what we’re all about. You can expect an experienced engineer to answer you call, and get your issue fixed.

We’re fast, and available 24/7/365.

Your Data -> Always Protected

We’ll secure your firm’s network from malware, ransomware, and malicious threats using industry leading cybersecurity tools.

Securing your network is our #1 priority.

We Make IT Easy

Everything you need is included, from servers and network management, to security, backup, and day-to-day support.

Everything you need, nothing you don’t.


So Why TechNoir?

Instant Support Response

When a user is having a problem, your productivity suffers. Our team will respond quickly, and resolve the problem permanently.

Control IT Costs

No more unexpected bills or surprise expenses. Your bill is fixed every month so you can plan and budget effectively.

Stop Worrying

Trust your backups, feel confident that your network is secure, and your data is protected. We’ve got you covered.

More Time To Focus

You shouldn’t be spending your time managing a IT tech working in your office. We’ll dispatch certified engineers to solve every request.

We Understand Law Firms

We understand all the nuances for law firm IT, like case management, time and billing, and the need for prompt, professional support.

Scale Without Limits

You’ll have the ease and flexibility to grow and adjust your IT, cloud, and security services month to month. There’s no limit with TechNoir!


All-Inclusive IT Services

Email issues. Slow computer. Can’t access your software.

Our capable team to help desk engineers with quickly triage and resolve your users’ daily IT problems. When a ticket is submitted, our service coordinators identify the best resource to troubleshoot the issue, and schedule the task for a time convenient for you. Next, our technical team will triage the problem, log in remotely, and quickly solve the problem. If the issue requires an on-site site, our coordinators will schedule the next available engineer. Finally, when the issue is resolved, our team will document the resolution to ensure we can reference the solution in the future if necessary.

Our team responds quickly, and we solve issues permanently.

Servers, Firewalls, Switches, Wireless, Storage, Backup.

We take care of it all. For servers, that means daily patching and updates, ensuring all hosts and virtual servers are running at peak performance, and pay attention to issues that might crop up. Your network is also in our care, including your firewall, switches, wireless access points, and any other network devices we’re responsible for, like SAN, NAS, and other storage devices. Backups are also in our care, and our team monitors them daily to ensure successful completion. Good news: we’re experts in a variety of backup products, including Datto, Veeam, StorageCraft, and several others.

Your infrastructure is completely in our care, and we’ll proactively make sure it’s working properly.

Do we really have a backup?

You should never have to ask yourself that question. A professional IT company will send you weekly or monthly reports to ensure your data is properly protected.

Are we protected from ransomware?

Our team will deploy a suite of security tools included within our service offering to protect your individual workstations, servers, and networking equipment from threat actors or hackers.

What about email? Is that secure?

Email is the #1 entry point for a cybersecurity event. Setting up proper permissions and controls of your email system (whether it’s Exchange, Office365, or G-Suite), in addition to having a third-party email filtering software ensure that your email is properly protected, and doesn’t make you susceptible to harm.

The landscape of IT is dynamic, and changes on an hourly basis.

You need an IT company that will be on top of the ball, ensuring that proactive measures are incorporated into your network, as well as your overall IT strategy. Our account management team will meet with you on a regular basis to recommend modifications and upgrades to your systems to make sure they are perpetually secure and available to your team.

Trust the numbers.

We deliver customized reports and dashboard for all of our clients, helping them understand exactly how our services are being utilized. This can include ticket counts, response and resolution times, SLA commitments, customer and user satisfaction scores, and so much more. We can even build custom gauge for any specific service-delivery metric you need us to measure.

Chicago Legal IT Services


So Why TechNoir?

Everything you need to outsource IT support. We manage your network, servers, email, backup, security, and provide unlimited support to your users. We also handle all your purchasing, vendor management, and provide monthly reports.

Every client gets endpoint protection (anti-virus software), advance threat detection (for ransomware), remote management software, and remote access.

We can also include in your hardware as a service, such as workstations, servers, and networking.

Projects are not included. A project is a significant change in your IT environment. Think “add, change, move” like moving your office, or installing a new server or firewall. Projects are quoted and approved separately.

Our pricing is based on the scope of services you need, but essentially it’s driven by the number of computer users, workstations, servers, and networks we’re responsible for supporting.

We give you the option: a 1-year or a 3-year agreement, and each agreement is customized.

It’s easy: fill out this form, a consultant will reach out to get some basic information, and we’ll have a proposal presentation ready in 1 business day.

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