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Your server is approaching
its end of life

Windows 2012 End of Life

Brief summary: The software system that runs your business’s server is about to reach the end of its life. It’s literally aging out.

Impact on your business: Microsoft will no longer be providing security updates, bug fixes, or technical support.

When will this happen? October 10, 2023

If you have a server at your office, it’s the centerpiece of your business’s technology. And unfortunately, it’s nearing the end of its working life.

If your server is run by Microsoft’s Windows Server 2012, that software will reach it’s end of life on October 10, 2023.

So, what does that mean to me?

Well, the things that are so vital to running the server (security updates, bug fixes, and technical support from Microsoft) will no longer be available.

Because Microsoft considers Server 2012 to be obsolete it won’t help if something goes wrong, or if a critical security vulnerability is found.

Please don’t push this off until October to act!

We are sure you don’t see any disruptions to normal business operations.

Migrating the old 2012 server to a new server, or the cloud (highly recommended), takes a great deal of planning to ensure things go right. This can take some time for the process to provision hardware, transfer data, and ensure security is set correctly.

Great news! We’ve been doing server upgrades for businesses for years. And our experts work to ensure there is minimal disruption to you – while also helping your upgrade improve your cyber security safety, team productivity and collaboration.

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