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The First 90 Days With TechNoir Solutions


  • Full documentation and inventory of systems in our management tool.
  • Standardize network systems based on TechNoir Solutions’ best practices
  • Gather metrics on performance, unresolved issues and budgets
  • Prepare for Q1 business review


  • Schedule and review our support process with your team
  • Proactive, 24×7 critical alert monitoring installed on all covered equipment
  • Full security assessment and remediation implementation
  • Begin Microsoft software and security patch management process
  • Transfer of Office 365 mail management
  • Configure data backup monitoring and management
  • Audit accounts to determine what accounts can be shut off to save on OpEx
  • Coordinate transfer of administrative accounts from vendors

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Why are More Businesses in Chicago Choosing TechNoir Solutions for Outsourced IT?

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My name is James Velco, President, of TechNoir Solutions. TechNoir Solutions is a managed service company that provides Chicago outsourced IT management. 

For over a decade, I sat behind a CIO’s desk. As a CIO, I had to manage vendors and consultants, however the most important aspect of my job was providing outstanding service and support to our employees. 

It’s really simple. At the end of the day, businesses are looking for outstanding customer service and fast resolutions to technical problems.
Since I’ve sat on both sides of the desk, I know that vendors say a lot of things to make a sale and that’s all they care about. Many IT vendors are being bought up by nation chains and that rarely ends up benefiting the clients.
Founded by a Chief Information Officer, we are built to serve.  Our team and processes provide a superior experience for our clients. This is what makes Technoir Solutions different.
TechNoir Solutions is a Chicago Managed IT Services company with a core difference. 

Don't Just Take Our Word For It....

Brad Benson
Brad Benson
Founding Partner- Volant Law LLC
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"My email account was compromised, and someone emailed the people on my contact list. Luckily, TechNoir Solutions came to my aid and assisted. They provided me with urgent offsite IT support to address the breach. After our initial experience with them, we hired them for their ongoing formal IT support services. Their team has been providing our firm with reliable tech support, and they've also installed various products and software included in their service offerings. "
Justin L.
Justin L.
President- Terra Grande Real Estate
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"TechNoir Solutions has successfully transitioned all the managed IT services from the client's old MSP, and they now continue to provide excellent services. The team has met all the deadlines and handled all the challenges that have arisen. Their mindset, culture, and creativity are outstanding."
Andy L.
Andy L.
VP Operations -Soucie Horner Interior Design
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“We have made a lot of ground in a short period of time on our application development project! I was reluctant to believe the timeline that was set for this project at the beginning. But we’re very close to completion and I couldn’t be happier. There have been very few miscommunications, etc. and your team has always pivoted well. It’s been great!”
David G.
David G.
Partner- Needham Brooks
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"No matter what is thrown at the team at TechNoir, they seem to always find a solution to our issues. TechNoir always providing suggestions for new technologies and services that help us in meeting our objectives. I would highly recommend TechNoir Solutions to any law firm that is looking to improve their IT management and strategy."
Joe B.
Joe B.
VP Development- Expansive Workspace
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They’re great at scaling to meet needs and creating the best final product possible. They proactively look for ways to improve, all while doing their best to save you money. They’re a great investment that treats your projects as their own."
Kim B.
Kim B.
Franchise Owner- Primrose Schools
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"TechNoir has outperformed in all the tasks we have given them. The support is nothing short of a miracle compared to our previous IT group. Our team so glad we have TechNoir Solutions handling our IT!"
Theresa L.
Theresa L.
President- Apex Wood Floors
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"Thanks to their new infrastructure, the client had a faster network with more storage space and better technology, improving their overall services. Throughout the project, TechNoir Solutions was knowledgeable and on top of the project and communicated well via messages and in-person meetings."

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