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    Managed IT Solutions

    Having a managed IT service contract with TechNoir Solutions means you'll pay a fixed price for network maintenance AND get more time to focus on the most important parts of your job.


    Outsourced help desk and IT management. Reduce operational spend. Increase uptime. Gain rapid, knowledgeable support. Resolve permanent solutions to ongoing problems, all with a fast and agile Chicago Managed IT team at your side.IT


    Hybrid work environments require robust web-enabled applications. Looking for cloud migration services in Chicago? Our Cloud Architects perfom cloud migration assessment and implementation, cloud cost optimization and custom development.


    Secure on-premise infrastructure and devices with Managed Detection and Response services built by former NSA technicians. Secure the cloud with Managed Azure Sentinel SIEM Services. Our Chicago cyber security services are USA based and ready to secure you.


    Data cable installations for retail, office/coworking, manufacturing and more. Optional low voltage design services. Chicago and nationwide low voltage installation.

    Ever wondered how to get faster WiFi in your main office, and home office?

    Is your staff upset and frustrated with the slow WiFi in your office?

    Want to create tension and stress in the team? Want to lower productivity?

    Then make sure you cut corners when it comes to the WiFi and make sure it’s nice and slow.

    There isn’t a bigger buzzkill than bad WiFi.

    All kidding aside, there’s nothing funny about slow WiFi, but now this is no need to suffer! Get a copy of our e-book on making WiFi faster if you’re working in the office or from home.

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    Move Fast, Be Competitive

    My name is James Velco, President, and CIO at TechNoir Solutions. For 15 years I sat behind a CIO's desk where I had to manage vendors and consultants. I understand that no one likes arguing about a surprise bill or hearing about technology problems from the team.

    I also know that when IT works, it can propel a business to new levels. You can achieve more than you thought possible when IT aligns with business outcomes.

    TechNoir Solutions was founded to help the many businesses who experience reduced operational efficiency stemming from poorly designed and managed technology.

    By working with our client’s business leaders, we learn the intended business outcomes and then create technological improvements that create operational efficiencies, reduce spend and allow for a more agile, competitive business.

    TechNoir Solutions is a Chicago Managed IT Services company that supports the IT services for businesses nationwide.

    IT SUPPORT for Legal, CRE, Accounting, retail/franchise and more!

    TechNoir Solutions

    Our clients come to us because they “just want things to work”, which is understandable. It’s next to impossible to get work done when there are constant issues with technology. 

    TechNoir Solutions is a MSP (Managed Service Provider) that fully supports your IT operations, we can also help your IT team co-manage on-site and cloud-based technology.

    Using an MSP can significantly reduce support costs.  No pay per call, no pay per minute, just a predictable, monthly flat rate that you can budget for. 

    TechNoir’s scaled technology management approach is the #1 way to instantly reduce frustration and improve performance.  See how TechNoir Solutions can improve your business’ performance, today!

    Chicago TechNoir Support
    Managed IT Services
    Connect Better. Faster. More Securely

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