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Accounting / Finance

Accountants and tax preparers rely on powerful, complicated software to run the business. We have resources that set up and manage systems such as Thomson Reuters CS Professional Suite, NetSuite, Quickbooks, Xero, and Oracle. 

If you have requirement specific to the finance industry, we have someone who can help you set it up.  

Cybersecurity is factored into all everything we do.  Ensuring your data is stored securely, securing end points from lateral attacks and helping your employees to be well-trained on cyber-hygiene that prevents internal data leaks are just a few of the security aspects that we implement. 

TechNoir can help set up your technology based on any major compliance standards (NIST, PCI, SOC, 27001, etc) and implement several layers of security to ensure your client data and reputation remain in tact.

We frequently help our clients with migrations and hardware refreshes. We understand that companies in the finance industry often struggle to upgrade outdated gear or software to preserve necessary data/settings.

Whether it’s moving to Quickbooks Online or upgrading an outdated server, we’ll help you find a solution that improves the performance of the tools you use without sacrificing any data or configurations.

Yes! Our virtual CIO can help ensure your controls, data processing/integrity, maintenance, and anything else related to technology systems are in compliance should you face an audit. 

Yes, at your request TechNoir will complete a penetration test of your network. We put ourselves in the shoes of hackers and see if we can break in to help you identify what risks need to be mitigated before a bad actor can attack you. 

It’s recommended that all companies with vulnerable assets conduct a penetration test at least once every two years.