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TechNoir Chicago Manufacturing Technology Support

Our manufacturing clients enjoy eliminating IT-related downtime when they start working with us. We understand that the cost of downtime to a manufacturer is devastating compared to other industries, so we help set up systems to be secure, redundant, and efficient. 

We’re happy to attempt to find engineers/programmers that can assist in maintaining your old equipment on a best effort basis. 

One of the greatest benefits of having a vCIO at your finger-tips is that we’ll help design and implement systems that will grow your business.

Manufacturing companies stand to gain more than most from analyzing data to improve processes, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Our team can put the tools you need to do that in your hands.

Since downtime costs manufacturing companies more on average than other industries, we see a lot of manufacturers delay to upgrade equipment or software. Unfortunately, this can result in systems under prepared for a cyber attack. Manufacturing companies also tend to use more IoT (Internet of Things) devices than other companies, which are vulnerable to attacks by bad actors.

We’ll help you implement layers of security that will secure critical equipment and prevent attackers from halting your operation until you pay a large ransom. We can conduct a penetration test and train your employees on best practices to avoid a disaster.

Yes, we have resources that can assist with implementing ERP systems on a best effort basis.