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We get questions every day from prospective customers about our services and support.  Questions like, “How much for you to manage our tech?”

To answer that properly you have to understand what goes into managing the tech, how it’s priced and what additional charges you need to be aware of. 

From this page you will find a growing list of resources that explain MSP pricing and the inside details on MSP operations. 

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Here’s What Our Law Firm Clients Are Saying


TechNoir moved our entire company to the cloud about a year ago. We’ll never have to buy another server again, and we’ve improved the efficiency of all our remote employees. We’ve saved about $12,000 in this year alone, and countless hours of added productivity. We’re big fans of TechNoir.

John Smith, Logistics Co


Our small IT company couldn’t keep up with our fast-growing medical practice. We needed a better solution, one that proactively managed the needs of our office, and made our lives easier. TechNoir has provided exceptional support, anticipating our needs, and reacting immediately when we need help.

Jane Smith, 123 Medical Associates


Lifesavers—that’s the best way to describe TechNoir. They saved our company’s server when our previous IT company was nowhere to be found. They recovered all our files, and set up a daily backup so it never happens again. We made the switch and haven’t looked back since. Thanks TechNoir!

Joe Smith, Some Law Firm