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Process Automation

Through advanced technology automation, our digital transformation solutions transform your business operations. By automating critical but time-consuming tasks, we empower leaders to focus on strategic decision-making and innovation. Through the use of technology automation, we ensure significant process improvements and superior business outcomes.


Imagine having a department of IT engineers with various skill sets, who are there when you need them. No need to worry about vacations, sick days or a skills gap for your techs. Now consider having C-level insight on policy, process and strategy. Having a team like this creates efficiencies that create the right business outcomes.


Las Vegas is for gambling. Cybersecurity is not.
Everyday there more and more rogue actors who want to take your money and data. Our goal is the prevent the bad guys from creating havoc by implementing the correct redundancies, security tools, policies and methodologies.
We take security very seriously.


Moving to the cloud is called Digital Transformation and it is a powerful way to amplify your businesses in the 21st century. With a migration assessment and a cloud implementation roadmap your business can be on the road to the cloud. Cloud cost optimization and custom development are available too.


Our team has over two decades of experience installing data cabling, fiber-optic cable, data centers and internet connectivity in commercial facilities nationwide. Our team has a detailed knowledge dealing with new construction, renovations, moves and legacy buildings.


Application Development

The power of seamless application integration cannot be overstated. We specialize in crafting custom applications that are not just innovative but create virtual lifelines that connect your business's diverse applications into one cohesive, powerful system. Our tailor-made solutions are designed to elevate your operational efficiency and open doors to unparalleled business growth.

Taking Security Seriously

We understand that a lawyer's most precious resource is their time. You submit a ticket and you get a response, within 15 minutes. Our engineers fix your issue. It's as simple as that.

From SOX and GLBA, to PCI DSS and PSD2, we'll provide the experts. We take the stress out of audits

Getting a franchise business off the ground means wearing a lot of hats. Many times the runbook doesn't provide detail on the technology, so franchise owners come to us for IT management.

Our expert team excels at crafting enterprise systems for CRE. The ability to design proptech infrastructure that meets everyday use, while meeting longer term goals is one of the key tenants of our business.

Our manufacturing clients love us because they know our IT support keeps their gears well-oiled and accessible.

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What Industry Leaders Say-

"We turned to TechNoir Solutions nearly 3 years ago to take advantage of their deep expertise in coworking/creative office technology. This guidance has helped us grow from one location to four locations within 18 months and they have given us confidence to scale. As any operator knows, getting past the first location is a challenge and TechNoir was an instrumental part of the process.
John Wallace