Project Statistics

  • 750k Feet of fiber optic cabling installed
  • 48 States we've completed projects
  • 1.9mm Feet of data cabling installed

Cabling Covered, Nationwide

  • Low voltage cabling technicians available nationwide
  • Draft and plan network infrastructure, plant cabling systems
  • Ensure complete WiFi coverage with RF data modeling
  • Connect doors, cameras, and access control to your network

Why choose TechNoir for Low-Voltage Cabling?


Do It Right, The First Time

Without proper LV installation, you risk lowered performance of networking hardware or having to re-install cabling (and incur a greater cost when the walls are up). We'll help you draft and plan your new facility or upgrades so that it's just right.


Physical Security Integrated

We'll connect your access control, security cameras, elevators, and any other system that needs to be monitored on your network. Control security from a single pane of glass.


Service Available Nationwide

Multiple locations? No problem. Our technicians cover all 50 states and our Project Managers will coordinate your job so you get the expertise you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing is based on labor and materials needed to complete a project. We estimate a cost after a discussion identifying the requirements to complete a successful installation.

Useful information includes knowing: number of cable drops, how many devices to be hard wired, any other electrical requirements, etc.

  • Blocks of hours can be purchased for discounted rates ahead of time. We cannot guarantee estimates to complete a project will be exact, and a project may exceed the number of hours you purchase ahead of time.

Yes! We’ll help you link card access, security cameras, elevators, and door locks to your network.

Our in-house team is available nationwide, so your multi-office projects are completed efficiently and in a timely manner.

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TechNoir Chicago Hubbell Cabling Installtion



Fiber Optic

Multi-Mode, Single-Mode

Full Sized Racks

2 Post, 4 Post, Enclosed/Secured.

TechNoir Chicago Axis IP Camera Sales and Installation


IP Camera Systems, Access Control