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A compulsive desire for achievement 

The technologists at TechNoir Solutions are constantly working to be better. Better troubleshooters, better teammates and better people. We value those who share our values. 

We are looking for candidates who:

  • Set their own goals
  • Created their own plans to get there
  • Not only followed those plans but adapted to circumstances and changing conditions along the way

We want the ones that take responsibility for failing and see it as a learning opportunity.  We are looking for candidates who:

  • Don’t place the blame on other people or on outside factors. 
  • They should recognize that few things go perfectly, and a key ingredient of success is being able to adjust.
  • Learned key lessons from the experience, especially about themselves and see failure as training wheels.

“Just because you are good at tech doesn’t mean you are a good tech.  There are a lot of intangibles, skill is only one. Some of the best techs come are in the service industry-waiters, waitresses. People who know how to relate to people.  At the end of the day, we are helping people to achieve their goals, occasionally during stressful situations, so being able to relate to those people is a great differentiator.”

James Velco

Top VoiP Features- auto attendant