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TechNoir Managed Azure Sentinel SIEM (TMASS)

TechNoir Solutions, a Microsoft Partner, is  one of the world’s most innovative cybersecurity firms with a focus on Cloud domain. Our core managed service is the TechNoir Managed Azure Sentinel SIEM (TMASS) service, tailored to help enterprises and SMB, globally, to increase visibility into their security posture and to better respond to cybersecurity incidents. The TechNoir Managed Azure Sentinel SIEM Service (TMASS) includes:

  • Incident Response Support: TechNoir Solutions has extensive hands-on experience managing complex security breaches.
  • Cloud Costs Monitoring and Optimization: Our analysts know that Cloud consumption is a key metric and optimizing this for our customers is a critical component.
  • Continuous Use Case Tuning: The value of a managed SIEM service lies in our capabilities to continuously tune-up the alert rules and playbooks to reduce the volume of false positives.
  • Embedded Threat Intelligence: Our proprietary, machine learning algorithm, and dark web discovery are leveraged to expedite triage and enrich cybersecurity investigations.
  • Regular Service Review: TechNoir Solutions’ SOC team meets regularly with the customer to review and collect feedback and new requirements on alerts, playbooks and workbooks.
  • Access to largest Defender Azure Sentinel alert rule database: TechNoir Solutions’ engineers has developed a large repository of alert rules which has been deployed and tested in many Defender Azure Sentinel instances.

Service Elements 

  • SIEM capabilities delivered from the Azure Cloud
  • No additional software or hardware to deploy
  • Support for on-premises log sources (>30 log parsers available)
  • Security Monitoring of Cloud services (Azure, AWS, Google)
  • Continuous alerts and playbooks tuning and optimization
  • Performance and availability monitoring and notification
  • Access to Managed Sentinel Alert Rules Service catalog
  • Compliance aware monitoring
  • Daily log analysis
  • Support during security incidents
  • SOAR support and integration
  • Cloud costs alerting & reporting
  • Threat intelligence service integration
  • On-demand APT IoC lookups
  • Online access to MS-Alert integration
  • Monthly service review
  • Azure Defender Sentinel SIEM runs in customer Azure subscription
  • Service is priced based on the number and type of log sources
Managed Azure Sentinel SIEM
Managed Azure Sentinel SIEM
Why choose the TMASS service?
  • No capital expenses
  • Service backed by best of breed, cloud SIEM technology
  • Short implementation timelines
  • No additional software or hardware to deploy
  • Reduced Alert Fatigue
  • Our pool of experts eliminates staffing headaches
  • Meet security compliance
  •  Pay-as-you-go model
TMASS offers the intelligence and automation to correlate and analyze high volumes of log and audit events across disparate systems and applications.

Powerful Cloud SIEM platform and big data enabled intelligence systems cover nine core correlation dimensions including:

  • Asset based
  • Behavior based
  • Heuristic based
  • Historical based
  • Risk based
  • Rule based
  • Statistical based
  • Threat based
  • Vulnerability based

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