About our Services

The last things small and mid-sized businesses need are IT issues. The team at TechNoir Solutions knows companies do not have the time to perfect their technology and infrastructure, and we also know that when you need something to work, you need it to work now. 

In addition to day-to-day IT support, TechNoir Solutions can assist with the planning and installation of infrastructure, making increasingly important security decisions, choosing the technology and service providers that best suit your business’ needs, and ensuring that you can focus on what’s important — your business.

About Our Approach

TechNoir Solutions is a Chicago-based IT consulting service founded in 2012 by a Chief Information Officer and a Senior Network Engineer who have over 30 years combined experience in IT management and network design.  Our founders approach technology with the mindset that every system problem is urgent, ensuring that our clients’ business objectives are addressed as soon as possible. Our goal is to provide the support, guidance, and road maps to IT success, crucial for growing companies to adapt and evolve in today’s market. TechNoir Solutions is your long-term partner. 

TechNoir Solutions helps organizations achieve their goals by embedding itself in your company, working to understand and become an integral part of its operations. We know that the best way to serve our clients is to put ourselves in their shoes, and the best solutions are strategically tailored to each individual business. Years of IT strategy and decision-making are at your disposal to work with you and address your business’ needs.

What is TechNoir?

TechNoir describes a style of movie making, similar to cyberpunk.

The name is taken from the movie that originated the genrè, The Terminator.  In the movie, Sarah Connor first encounters the T-800 series Terminator at a nightclub called "TechNoir".

In the Book, Tech-Noir Film: A Theory of the Development of Popular Genres,  Emily E. Augler states that "...this term is also a useful descriptor, not only for the film in which it appears, but for many others that show how technology, once considered the utopian dream of science, has become an aggressively destructive force...."


Clubbing with the Terminator

T-800 at TechNoir