Managed IT Services. Should You Consider it?

When the current way you’re handling your technology is no longer working, you’ll need to find alternatives to improve functionality.

If you feel your situation needs to change, you may search for solutions. As you search, will come across a term, “Managed Services”, “Managed IT Services” or“Managed IT Department”.

This refers to outsourcing the maintenance, support and security of your IT to a business whose sole focus is IT management, a Managed (IT) Services Provider (MSP).

In many cases, managed IT services can meet or exceed the needs of a variety of companies looking for IT support.

What's the Value and Availability?

There are two significant advantages that MSPs have, compared to in-house IT: 

1- Greater Value

Hiring an IT tech or IT manager to assume the day-to-day maintenance and operations is one option. With benefits, this option can put you in the $100,000 salary range for a single employee who can manage your IT needs.

Conversely, depending on the size of your business, Managed IT Services could start at $30,000 per year. The cost will scale as your company grows or contracts as employees leave, but these increments are easily budgeted.

We have a saying, “IT never sleeps”, This means it’s a 24×7 job to manage and maintain IT business operations.  Now, if you had one IT tech managing your IT operations, what happens when that tech wants to take a vacation or leaves to take another role?

Your business is without IT support. Which brings us to….

2- Availability

When you have an IT issue that affects your business, you can’t wait until your IT manager returns from vacation to get a resolution. Without some sort of backup, you have to cross your fingers, and hope nothing goes wrong with the IT.

However, of you are working with a Managed IT Services company, you never have to worry about that scenario;  you’d have access to technical support and engineers any time you need IT assistance.

The Chicago Managed IT Department Advantage

  • Flat, predictable monthly or annual cost
  • All-inclusive, managed technology services avaialbe
  • Rapid response to your support requests
  • Security monitoring 24/7/365
  • Remote and on-site support available

What Does it Cost?

If you have been shopping for Managed IT Services, you probably have realized that it’s incredibly hard to find pricing on MSP’s websites. 

Well, there are many reasons for this, but the biggest factor is that pricing is convoluted.  MSPs prefer it this way so they can have contact with a potential client.  

That said, we are pulling the veil back, because having a good understanding allows you to make wise decisions.   

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Why choose to have your IT services managed?


Quarterly Business Reviews

We meet with you every 3 months so you can check our work, put a budget together, and raise any concerns. You'll have a CIO and an Account Manager from our team dedicated to following through on our promises.


Security is Essential

A successful ransomware attack can cause disruption for your company. Layered security is the foundation of gatekeeping and the security experts at TechNoir Solutions use the latest cybersecurity tools in their arsenal to defend our clients.


When Should You Consider Managing Your IT?

If you don't have the resources for an internal IT staff – or if you have an internal IT team but don’t want to tie them up with ongoing network maintenance – using managing your IT is an excellent solution for your business.


Who Should You Trust for Help?

Your managed IT provider should be reliable and responsive. They need the know-how to keep your organization’s IT system secure and running smoothly 24/7. It's even better if they're local, so you can get help faster.


A Fixed Price Helps You Budget

No one likes fee surprises. Knowing exactly what you’ll pay each month for network maintenance will keep your technology budget on track.

"When we decided to work with TechNoir Solutions, we didn’t realize what “managed IT support” meant, but once we got on the plan it really worked to minimize downtime and increase productivity."

"Before, our people would constantly have small nagging issues that slowed their productivity until they couldn’t work anymore. Now, with TechNoir Solutions, our downtime has been reduced by 90% and the computers are always running, the PCs are constantly updated and run smoothly. We rarely have issues now and when they do, TechNoir responds quickly with their remote computer access system."

Frequently Asked Questions

TechNoir’s All-Inclusive Managed IT Department Service is designed to detect and prevent problems before they happen. Unlimited helpdesk support and labor for preventative maintenance is included.

Additionally, a virtual CIO (vCIO) and an account manager will be dedicated to your team to provide you with unlimited consulting, quarterly business reviews, and roadmaps & budgets. We become your IT department.

The cost to purchase hardware and software is not included, as well as any projects out of the scope of “necessary to run your business.”

Examples of out of scope projects include: moving/adding an office, installing low-voltage cabling, migrating from one software solution to another, migrating email service, line of business software support.

Pricing is based on the number of workstations, servers, and networking equipment that we manage. We’ll customize a quote based on your needs.

Contracts require a minimum 3 year commitment. Evaluation periods may be negotiated during initial discussions with the sales team.

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